Home Depot is a leading home improvement corporation with over 2300 stores in North America & continues to sell glue traps- both in their stores & on their website.

WHY does this matter?

Glue traps are an incredibly cruel form of “rodent control” that leave any animal who gets stuck to them (whether the intended species or not) to suffer for days until they die from starvation or dehydration. It is also not uncommon for animals to bite off limbs & rip off skin in an attempt to get free.

Glue trap protesters outside a Home Depot

Glue traps are so harmful to animal life that many of glue trap producing companies suggest throwing out the trap with the animal still alive trapped on it.

Additionally, the Center For Disease Control states on their website, “DO NOT USE glue traps and live traps. These traps can scare the rodents causing them to urinate, which can increase your chance of getting sick.”

Other companies have led by example & stopped selling glue traps. We believe if Home Depot follows suit, this will be the beginning of the end of glue traps in North America.

Not only will Home Depot be pressured once we win, but we will show how much support there is for legislative bans against the sale of these contraptions.

Our campaign is a grassroots initiative- made up of animal lovers across the world. Together, we will win! Join us & take action!

Endorsed by:

Farm Transistion Academy logoTati von Rheinbaben
Revolution Philadelphia logoTiffany Stair
Our Honor logoCrystal Heath, DVM
Rocky City Rescue logoCasey Carter
DEGA Mobile Veterinary Care logoDr. April Gessner
Happy Hen Sanctuary logoSherstin Rosenberg, DVM
New Jersey Animal Save logoSusan Marie Kearney
Voters For Animal Rights logoAllie Feldman Taylor
Peaceful Fields Sanctuary logoJohn Netzel

Take action

It’s time Home Depot ditched glue traps, and there are so many ways you can make a difference!

We’ve made a list of a variety of methods you can help the cause both online and in person.

Make a Difference
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